Thursday, October 21, 2010

A fun day

I tapped into my creativity, and that always makes for a fun day.

Th wire baskets I picked up the other day got a coat of black paint.  I'm going to make a home for them in the kitchen.  Now I've got to come up with something to put in them. Any suggestions?


This is an older country, pine piece redo.  It had heart cut outs on the top and below the lower shelf.  I knocked those pieces of wood off with a hammer and primed it up.

I've got big plans for these three dried gourds.  And the best part, I've got a lot more of them too!!!  They're not looking so great now, but stay tuned.

And, last but not least, here is the Pantry Corn I made.  It's scented with Cinnamon Pumpkin Bread.  I'm using it in old mason jars and trench/bowl fillers, all over the house.


  1. Lori I bet that corn smells so good!! It looks so Fall-Ish!!

    Those them natural but cant wait to see what is up your sleeve for them!!

    Love your makeovers too!! They look great!!


  2. Please share how you made your pantry corn. That looks neat, I bet it smells yummy! All of your makeovers look fab! Love the bowl!~


  3. I've never heard of pantry corn. Can you share what goes into making that?

  4. Susan, I am so sorry for just getting back to this now. I didn't have my comments settings right.

    My husband farms, so field corn is easily for me to get a hold of. I roasted it in the oven at a lower temp, around 200. I just kept checking on it until it started to turn a nice deep orange/red colour. It starts to toast and you can smell it. Once it's cooled, I put it in a Rubbermaid container, add some fragrance oil and dust it with cinnamon and shake it up to coat it all.


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