Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Meeting of the Minds

I stopped over at Heather's (my cousin) house today.  She let me help her move some furniture around.  That was so much fun.  Then we sat down in front of the fire, with coffee in her super cute prim cups, and discussed what we are including in our giveaway. We find the number of people that have entered and positive feed back from everyone so overwhelming.  We are very grateful and feel that if this keeps up we will be more than happy to include a SECOND PRIZE!!! So don't forget to sign up for our giveaway and pass the word.  Here's the link to my post about it. Teaming Up Giveaway  We are so excited about it and hope you are too!!!!


  1. A nice visit with a cousin~
    So glad to hear you had so many sign up~
    It is fun~ being a secret!
    Cute prim mugs!

  2. oh her fireplace looks so cozy, I bet sitting there with a cup of coffee was wonderful

  3. Love your new look. I wish I was having coffee by the fireplace. Cute mugs!

  4. Oh how cute... cute picture, cute mugs. How fun and exciting it must be to have a such a good friend in a relative that is so close to you that loves the same things you do!! You two are so very fortunate!


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