Monday, February 14, 2011

Prim Jar Labels

I like to think I am pretty handy when it comes to Photoshop.  It's a computer program that I use to edit my wedding photos.  You can get pretty creative with graphics as well.  I have wanted to make labels for my old Ball canning jars.  I had the designs down, but for the life of me, could not get the sizes right.  I have searched, in all the wrong places, for free labels, until the other day, when I found a wonderful blog!!!  The site is called A Simpler Time (you can click on the name to visit the site) and the author's name is Lynne.  She is very talented and graciously has fantastic tutorials to share, including one on how to dry a pineapple.  Head over to her site and take a look around.  If you like what you see, become a follower.  Here are the jars I did up.  These shelves are on either side of my kitchen sink. 

Here's a close up.  I coated the inside of this jar with glue and dusted it with cinnamon and cloves.


  1. Oh my word Lori.I popped over to see your blog and I see you've used the labels on your jars.I'm so very thrilled that you were able to use them.They look lovely in your kitchen.I have more projects to come so keep calling by won't you.I am now following your blog too.Hugs,Lynne.

  2. The Labels are awesome Lori, popping over to
    A Smipler Time Blog... Thanks For Sharing...
    you are one talented crafter... Love the Look
    of the blog background too....

    Warm Blessings
    Happy Valentines ... :-)

  3. Oooooooh, I love these labels!
    Checking her out now!

  4. Okay Lori, I am on my way to your house to pick mine up!!!!!!!!!!!!! heehee
    They are great, I love them

  5. Those are great labels!!! I looked back at some of your other posts and you had some great bookmarks!!! Thank you for posting the praire curtain tut... I so want to make these for my bedroom!!!!!!

    I have definately added you to my blog roll!!!!


  6. Oh how neat and how sweet of Lynne to offer so many helpful tips and free things. I love finding new blogs, thanks for the link.

  7. Love the jars and labels! So happy that I found your blog!!


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