Thursday, March 10, 2011

Antique and Prim Shopping

I spent a great day today with Heather.  We had a lot of laughs, which is just what I was needing lately.  A little pick-me-up. Our first stop was at an Antique Mall were I found a few treasures.  I didn't spend a lot though which is always a good thing.  Each of these items were under $5!  This is the first time I have found a spool with the wool still on it and they were 35% off!  The tin piece in the top right corner I am going to use for some homemade prim soap I made. (I've got to remember to blog about that)
The next stop was another little antique store.  I kindest old man runs it.  He took us into the mysterious back room, that has a warning sign, "Do not enter".  Those who do get scolded.  I think an aunt of mine had that happen to her. lol  So back to the story, he had this large crock back there that he sold to me, cause I didn't give Heather a chance to get it too, for $5!!!!.  She got one the same size for the same price, so don't feel too sorry for her. lol  It does have a crack in it, hence the price, but that doesn't bother me, it looks good from far.
Our next stop was to visit Marylin at The Old Country Cupboard.  This is really the only prim shop we have in the area and she has just about everything we could ask for.  If she doesn't, she's always willing to try her best to get an item in.  As well, she is the nicest person.  Here is a picture of her shop from the doorway and Heather making a purchase.

Thanks for another great day Heather!!!!  The skies were gloomy, but our spirits weren't.  We also spent the drive time doing a little brainstorming.  More about that later. :D

I've been busy with a few other things as well.  I have been wanting to try making penny rugs.  I researched and found a few tutorials.  There isn't a lot out there though.  Here is what I have come up with so far.  The most time consuming part is cutting all those circles.
Also, I made up a batch of pantry cakes.  My Aunt Sharron ordered two from me and I had enough to make three extra.  They smell so good!!!!

I've got a few more things to blog about, but I'll save that for another day.  This one was on the long side. LOL  Have a great night!


  1. Oh what fun we had, I enjoyed myself very much and good talks threw lunch! We will do this again for sure, soooo when you coming over to go over the other thing, lol!!! Cant wait to share the news with all our followers!
    Hugs Heather

  2. I would love to see a tuitoral on your pantry cakes

  3. Great finds....If you have a sizzix cutting machine you can get the spellbinders circles to cut out pennys for penny much easier than cutting by hand!

  4. good evening to you, I am new to blogging and have just added as a follower here , I love your blog looks like a great day was had by all ! And your pantry cakes are fantastic . Have a great week
    lil raggedy angie

  5. Sounds like you and Heather had a lot of fun!
    Love your goodies.
    Great job on your pennies and grubby cakes.

  6. Oh what treats! You did a good job on the pennys and the prairie cakes.

  7. Morning Lori! Sounds like you two did have a great day. I had the same trouble finding many tutorials on the penny rugs and have the wool to start something (have the same colors as you also!lol) Your stitching is excellent as well!! Your pantry cakes look adorable - something else I keep meaning to make. I think I'll pick up the cheesecloth today while shopping with my daughter - maybe that will get me kick started! Have a great weekend - AND CONGRATS to the winners of your giveaway! Jeannette

  8. You did good on your pennies Lori. I never knew how to make them either, just seen a picture one day and decided I wanted to try it, now I can't stop making them.
    Try for tutorials on penny rug making. Good luck Lori


  9. Hi Lori what great finds you and Heather have found Red is certainly a nice man. HA HA Bye the way cannot wait to see your mothers shelves posted I bet they look wonderful. LOL Aunt Juanita

  10. Hi Lori!! Looks like you found some great goodies to use!!

    I can't wait to see your penny rug's looking great!!

    I bet your pantry cakes smell good!!


  11. Sounds like you and Heather had a great day! I am always drawn to the wooden utensils, love the ones you picked up! Great deal on your crock.

    Your penny's look great! I have to laugh because I've wanted to try my hand at them but those circles scare me, you did a good job on yours.


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