Thursday, March 3, 2011

Grubbied Up with Wax and Spices

Oh, yet another morning of crafting fun with Heather.  She treated us to homemade banana bread!  One of my favorites.  To my surprise, she put together a little gift for helping her with her blog!  It was a great surprise.  She gave me some of her salt dough ornies, bunnies and eggs, a bundle of clothes pins, a rusty star, blown eggs, an old hanger and a jar candle!!!  Carmel drizzled popcorn!
This is what I did with hanger.  The dress that is hanging on it is a Christening gown that has been in my husbands family.  All three of my sons wore it for their Christening.  Between the colour of the walls, the wood and the fabric, I think it looks good here.

I went to Heather's with a purpose, to make grungy tapers and clothes pins.  I have to say, it's not one of my favorite things to do, but the results were good.  It took us a few tries to get just the look we were both happy with.  Heather seemed to have just the right technique, so I let her take over and I manned the camera. I kind of disappeared on her a few times. LOL  Here is the link to her post about it.  Grubby candles  Here are a few photos of the ones I brought home.  And they smell delicious!

Just another reminder of our giveaway.  The count down is on.  5 days left to get in on it!


  1. Sounds like you had fun crafting. I love the Christening gown hanging off the hanger. It really looks good there. Thanks for sharing..Colleen

  2. WOW!!! how great to have a prim gal pal close to do these things with!!! thanks for sharing! OLM

  3. Lori...what a sweet bunch of goodies you got from Heather!!

    Love what you did with the hanger and gown...
    so cute!!

    Your clothes pins look awesome in that box!!

    And the candles turned out great too!!

    I'm glad you two had a good time today...been waiting all day to see what you girls made...I enjoyed both your posts!!


  4. Hi Lori
    thanks for becoming a follower. I have returned the favor. I really like the rag quilt you made for you Mom.

    Felicia/Raggedy Creations

  5. Wow Lori everything looks so good cannot wait to see the house again. Maybe when you have your little sale. Hopefully soon lots of Love Aunt Juanita

  6. Thanks Lori it worked. By the way the dress looks so good where its at its perfect.It was meant for that spot Thanks again Aunt Juanita.

  7. WOW Lori, love all your goodies, that was very nice of your cousin, heehee!! Im glad you liked them and thanks for all the fun today!

  8. That is pretty cool..I Love making the dipped candles..what do you have the little dress hanging on..Is that an antique wood rake?

  9. Great Job Girls!!!! Love the Christening gown on the hanger from Heather!

  10. Hi Lori! I've tried the grubby candle thing myself and it does take a knack to get it to look right! Yours turned out "right!"lol I think the christining gown looks perfect on the rake. I'm kicking myself I didn't pick up the candy mold I saw this morning to make salt dough bunnies like the ones Heather gave you. Sounds like you two always have fun crafting. Oh and the quilt you made your Mom is just gorgeous - my favorite color too - I must try this with your easy tutorial! Thank you for that!! Have a fun weekend - Jeannette

  11. Great treasures you have there and the Christening gown is especially precious!

  12. What fun goodies Heather gifted you with!

    That is so awesome that the gown has been in your husband's family and all your boys wore it too. What a neat family heirloom to treasure!!

    I really enjoy playing in wax, I am pretty sure I am addicted. I keep looking around my home for more things to wax, lol. Yours turned out great!


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