Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jam Packed Post

This has been such a busy weekend.  I have so much to accomplish, and it's Sunday already.  There were not enough hours in this weekend.   But priority first, I've got a few things to blog about and have been wanting to do it for the last two days.  On Saturday, I did some prim shopping!  My Aunt Sharon has the best house you have ever seen!  I love everything about it.  Every now and then, she gathers a few things and we get to go shopping.  Heather and I are lucky to share this same Aunt.  She posted some things that she bought too.  Here is what I brought home.
My first piece of hand made redware.  I love this piece so much.  I've already express to the boys, how much I love this plate and how sad I will be if anyone happens to break it. LOL

A spoon rack!
My very first yellow ware bowl!  I love the brown!  I do believe this will be the first piece to my future collection.
And, in the words of the Mike and Frank, from the American Pickers, "The Honey Whole"!!!  This huge box of fabric pieces.  Oh, the things I can sew!
Thanks so much Aunt Sharon!!!  I absolutely love everything I brought home.
Now, moving on, the two winners from our giveaway received their packages.  Our first prize winner was Brenda at The Rusty Thimble.  Here are her winnings.
 And second prize was Linda at Meadowbrook Cabin.  Here are her winnings.
I want to thank everyone who entered, again.  We had so much fun with this giveaway.  Now, I'm off to try and check a few more things of my list today.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


  1. I just have to repeat what I said to your sister---I want an Aunt Sharon!
    Good picking!

  2. OH, YES, Anut Sharon, PLEASE!!! LOL!!! OLM

  3. Like I asked Heather - can I go shopping at Aunt Sharon's too (pretty please??)??? You scarfed up some most excellent pretties!!! I'm really liking Aunt Sharon's taste. Yikes - I'd probably be green and drooling to see the things she keeps!

  4. Wow, wish I had an Aunt Sharon. I love everything!


  5. WOW look at that fabric, cant wait to get my hands on those!!! heehee Now get back to your to do list!! LOL See you tomorrow morning

  6. Ooooh, nice stuff! I wish I had an Aunt Sharon, too!

    Drooling over that fabric!!


  7. I have to do that too with my family... express how much I love something so they know they better watch it, hehe!

    Congratulations on your first piece of redware and yellow ware!! Beautiful colors and homespuns in that stash of fabrics!

    You girls gave away some great gifts, love it all!


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