Sunday, March 13, 2011

It pays to water flowers.

My mother entrusted me with watering her orchids while she and my father were away.  They went on a road trip to Florida and back, with a few stops along the way.  While they were gone, she picked up a few things for me.  She knows how much I love Billy Jacobs prints, yet I don't own one, so she brought this one back for me in appreciation for watering the plants.
She picked it up at great store called Country Primitives & Homespun Crafts in Winter Haven, FL.  I let Nikki know ahead of time that I was sending my mom there.  I had run across her blog and knew my mom would love her shop.  Here are a few things I had her pick up for me.  Aside from being there shopping, doing it over the phone while looking at pics of the shop, was the next best thing.

She also picked up this sugar sack, for me, at an antique store.

My mom has had some pine pieces that I told her I would prim up for her and I finally got them done.  Here is one shelf that we hung in her bedroom.  I forgot to get a before picture, but it was just plain pine.  The other piece isn't decorated yet, so I didn't get a pic of it.
The next project I am taking on for her is this little bench.
This is the trencher I talked her into agreed that she should buy on our road trip before Christmas.  I've got some more oranges dried to fill it up a little more.
And one of the Billy Jacob prints she bought herself.
I've got a quick and easy wood project planned for my next post.  The kids are home on March Break this week, so hopefully they let me get to it sooner than later.

Spring is officially one week away!!!  Lets hope the weather reflects that.  I noticed tulip and daffodil leaves poking through the dirt today and a robin too!  Such nice things to see.


  1. I love the print she brought you reminds me of the farms we have around her.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Billy Jacobs is my favorite. sounds like your parents had a great trip

  3. Hi Lori its Aunt Juanita again cannot wait to shop I`m so excited will start saving my money . Your Moms shelf looks good and your picture is awesome. Maybe on our next road trip I might get myself one. Heather did say she bought one at Marilyns.Well enough for now have a great day. Aunt Juanita

  4. Oh I love the prints. Everything is beautiful. Good job phone shopping and revamping.

  5. Lori,
    I'm so excited about my shelves. You did a great job. I really love them. Can't wait to get my other shelf decorated. Anxious to see what you and Heather are up to next.

  6. Morning Lori! I too love Billy prints! Love the crows on the fence!! Amish buggies always a favorite too! The shelf looks beautiful - nice job. Can't wait to see what you are doing to the bench also. Can't help on your newest bath post because I'm having the same dilema in my master bath - can't make up my mind! I'm sure I'll get inspiration from the decorators who link up!lol Have a fun day - Jeannette

  7. Does your Mom want to adopt another child?
    What great pieces she found. So perfectly prim.

    Thanks for posting the store link, I will be checking that out soon.

    Have a great day.


  8. Lori,
    Wonderful items~ love the redo you did~ so pretty!
    Billy Jacobs one of my favorite Ohio Artist~the one your Mother gave you as a gift is one of my favorite fall one's~ love the crows!
    really enjoyed this post

  9. What awesome gifts your mom brought back to you! I love Nikki and her store and I've never been there either. Her prims are so awesome and she is a super sweetheart!

    Very cute shelf makeover! Love the Billy Jacobs prints also.


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