Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Little Bit of This & That

 I stopped at the Thrift store again this week but not to look for redo projects this time.  My husband and I are going to a fundraiser where the theme is the 80's.  I was hoping to find some acid washed jeans, but no luck.  I have to say, aside from find something to wear, I can not wait to tease my bangs and go out in public like that again.  While I was there, I did find this cake pan, for $1.99.
I've got a pantry cake baking in it right now.  I've been look for something just a bit bigger than the small ones I have.  It's looking really good.  Can't wait to get it listed on our selling blog.
Heather and I were so excited to have our first few sales already!  Big thanks go out to the ladies who made the purchases.  It's a great feeling to know something we made will be in their homes.

I've got to say, this weather is the pits!  I can't complain to much because we haven't had any snow out of this system.  Just cold and dreary with rain and freezing rain.  The kids were hoping for a snow day.  They were disappointed.  I took this photo last week, when Mother Nature was teasing us.  This flock of turkeys (is it a flock?) was across the field in back of our home.  They would walk 10 ft one way, turn around and walk back the other way.  Odd!
Hope everyone who is getting the snow stays safe and warm.  My sympathy goes out to you. ♥
*** A group of turkeys is called a gang!  I thought I lived in a safe neighborhood. LOL  Thanks for that info Dee!*** 


  1. hi, Lori
    Great pic of the turkeys~ so excited for Heather & you starting the selling blog!!! Selling already~ wonderful~ the items are prim perfect!!

  2. Lori,

    Congrats on the sales on your selling blog. A group of turkeys is called a rafter or a gang according to google, so guess you had a "gang" of turkeys walking across your yard.

    Have a great day.


  3. I just found you and your cousins blog about 2 weeks ago. I love em both. Had to spend time reading back through all the old posts and admire the pics of your homes. Perfectly prim! Had to laugh at the "gang" in your 'hood. We live just west of Barrie in the country and see wild turkeys every day. They are some hideous creatures.

    Always cool to find other Canadians who love prims.

  4. Hi Lori,

    Turkeys ! We have them here in Pennsylvania , too . Spring Gobbler season starts the first of May, I believe.

    I received my goodies yesterday and I have posted them on my blog. Thank you so much ! I love them all !


  5. 80's theme... what fun! I so agree with you, I would love to play with my hair again like we did back in the day. Aqua Net was my best friend, lol!

    That's a cool pan and would make an awesome pantry cake! Congrats on your sales! You girls do wonderful work so it should come as no surprise that your handmades sell.

    Now that's a lot of turkeys! How funny.


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