Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Running Rabbit Make -Do

I finally got around to making up this make-do.  I saw the tutorial for it, as well as the pattern at Lynne's blog, ♥ A Simpler Time ♥  I love her blog!  I made him out of some vintage fabric and have him on my mantel.
Displayed with him are some of the eggs I made with Heather yesterday.  These are small plastic eggs that we coated in craft glue and rolled in a coffee/cinnamon mixture.

I couldn't decide were to display them.  They look good here and I also had them on my windowsill above my sink, right next to the sunflower my sun planted and grew at school and gave to me for Valentine's day. *Ahhhhh*  I think I will have to make more to put in both places. (sorry about the back light in this picture.  But the sun is actually shining today! Yahoo!)
I put the some of the fabric wrapped ones on my stove board.  I cut up an egg carton, grubbied it up a little and put them in there.  We first found this idea at Libbie's Home.
One more thing I wanted to share with you.  Back in the fall, when everything was dying off, I cut my (already dried and dead) sunflowers and tucked them away for when inspiration struck me.  I put a few stems in this jug.  I am also going to cut some of the heads off the stems, shower them with a prim scent and use them as a bowl filler.

Ok, I lied. One last note, don't forget to sign up for our first ever giveaway.  I know there are a lot of exciting ones out there right now.


  1. Awwww Lori.Your rabbit is gorgeous!I LOVE the printed fabric.You've been so busy crafting for Springtime.Love it all.Thanks for the link.♥

  2. Love that rabbit, I still need to make mine yet. Hope it turns out as good as yours! Love those eggs that you both made also!


  3. Very Cute rabbit!!! I'm glad that link helped you out for the disappearing nine patch. I have only made one fringe quilt for my son. BUT I made a really cute rag tote for a swap. I agree I hate cutting the fringe. LOL


  4. Very cute rabbit, love the vintage fabric that you used!

    I can't believe those are plastic eggs! That coffee/cinnamon mixture stuff can be so addicting, lol. I am finding that I want to put it on everything now. I agree with you though, you need to make more for the windowsill. The fabric wrapped ones are cute too!

  5. Lori...your bunny make do is so darn CUTE!!
    Great job!!

    Your eggs turned out prim-perfect!!

    And I love your jug filled with the dried sunflowers!!



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