Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am the proud owner of an antique butter churn!!!

My husband and I, and two of our boys, were out and about and stopped at an antique barn that I have never been to.  It was almost impossible to find anything at this place.  There was so much stuff, and not all antiques, you had to shimmy sideways down the isles to get through the place.  My husband had made his way outside.  I hear him say "Lori, come on out back, I've got something to show you", with the slightest hint of excitement. For my husband to find something worth bringing to my attention really sparked my interest.  I almost ran out the door, only, there wasn't enough room to run.  I follow him into the back barn to find this!!!

A year or so ago, my husband was at a farm auction, where one of these sold for over $500.  This was priced at $200.  But get this......Everything was 50% off!  Yup, my husband bought this for $100 for me!  He's gotten so good at this, I'm going to let him take me looking for antiques all the time.   After close inspection, I am almost certain the green isn't original, thankfully, cause I'm not big on the green.  I think black would suit the iron much better.  There is a patten date of 1889 on it and it is in perfect working condition.

I also picked up this 5 gallon jug crock for $25.  I love it.
I couldn't wait to show you all my finds.  Hope your having a great weekend.


  1. Lori~ You got a heck of a deal! It was originally black.I sold one last year with a plan wood stand (same barrel) for $250 and that was cheap for it.Great eye for hubby.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Wow Lori you got a fantastic deal on that churn. It is really unusual. The jug is nice too. You'll have to show us pictures where you put your churn.

  3. Holy tamoly!! WOW found a heck of a deal on a beauty!! LOVE IT!!
    I would definetly be taking that hubs with you from now on!! (smile)


  4. That is a wonderful butter churn! Sounds like quite a steal! Have fun with it!

  5. Hi Lori Aunt Juanita here what a nice husband you have you should take him shopping more often. Are you putting this inside or out. Should look nice anywhere thats for sure. Have a great day Aunt Juanita.

  6. Lori, your churn is an amazing find - love it! Awesome jug too! Great deals on both.

  7. What incredible finds and what an incredible husband! Looks like we're kindred spirits!

  8. Sounds like a fun place! Your hubby did an awesome job in spotting that. Even better that it was half price! It's an awesome piece but that green kinda ruins it, doesn't it? I think it would look great with black paint. Good call on your part!

  9. Wow that is not only a great buy but in great shape too.


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