Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hallway Makeover

In keeping with my mission statement, I am making progress, I think, at making this home prim, one corner at a time.  I have never really been happy with the look of the hallway.  It leads to the bedrooms and main bath, from the living room.  I have had this dry sink for many years.  I didn't have room for it at my old house, so my mother kept it in her home for me, until we moved in here.  I have been sitting on the fence whether or not I want to paint it.  I would go black, if I did.  It's a reproduction piece and not an antique.  So, without further ado, here are the photos.

Before: Man, I had a lot going on there. LOL
After:  I gave this shelf a makeover.  It was given to me by a neighbor.  I just painted it black.
 Before: Closer look
After:  I left a little room for some of the things I've won in the blog giveaways, when they get here.
 I think I found a safe home for my redware piece from my Aunt. *fingers crossed*

I hope everyone is having a great day!  The sun is shining here.


  1. Lori
    It looks wonderful~ I really like it~ so simple & prim~ love that crock in the corner!!

  2. Lori,
    Love what you did. Can't wait to see the new pieces added to it. It's not so busy.

  3. Hi Lori. Isn't it fun how removing items and adding others can change the whole look and feel of a piece of furniture. I would be on the fence too about painting - although I would lean to the black!lol Either way it looks great in your home. I hope your plate stays safe there too! My Mom is 8 hours away but I think next time I'm bringing home some "stuff" too!lol Have a fun week - Jeannette

  4. Love the make over Lori, everything is looking so prim, great place for the new redware!! haha
    See u thursday partner!

  5. Hi Lori Aunt Juanita checking in everything looks prim perfect. Now you can see everything is coming together nicely. Cannnot wait till Friday at Heathers it will be soooo much fun. Till then. Bye

  6. I love the change. The black shelf is perfect there. Good place for the redware, too.....

  7. It looks wonderful, Lori. I love the black shelf and the simple displays.

  8. Looks so good Lori. I love that big pear.

  9. Beautiful makeover Lori, love your dry sink and your shelf! Just wanted to let you know that I got your mug rugs and I love them! Super cute, I don't want to put my coffee cup on them though for fear of getting them dirty! Thanks so much, hope you sold a bunch of them! Deb

  10. It looks wonderful! The shelf above looks great as well. I like your redware plate. I have a reproduction dry sink as well, mine is blue, and I have enamelware in mine.

  11. It looks great, what a lovely transformation.

  12. Lori -

    Wow, I love how you re-did your hallway. Looks absolutely beautiful. Love all your things, especially that big pear.


  13. Great makeover! I love how you simplified it - and that shelf is perfect there! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh yes, I really like the after picture. I think it should stay natural now with the black shelf. It's all wonderfully prim!


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